SABIS® Book Series

Educational Approach

SABIS® Book Series

The SABIS® Educational Book Series is one of the program’s key features.

The SABIS® Educational Book Series includes approximately 2,000+ titles for classes in kindergarten through high school in all core subjects ranging from English and Spanish to math, social studies, and art. All SABIS® books are designed to dovetail with the SABIS® curricula and follow the SABIS Point System® of teaching. Subsequently, every book is divided, in line with every course in the curriculum, into concepts which form the building blocks of student learning.

Each year, in keeping with SABIS®'s ongoing pursuit of excellence, the SABIS® Educational Book Series undergoes a careful revision in order to ensure precise alignment with the dynamic curricula.

Written in English, French, Spanish, Kurdish, and Arabic, SABIS® books enable students to develop a solid academic foundation through efficient effort.

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