Teaching Methods

Educational Approach

Teaching Methods

"Efficient" is the term that best describes the SABIS® approach to teaching. This efficiency is brought forth by teaching a body of knowledge and skills with minimal input in the shortest time possible. It includes mixed ability classes and whole class teaching with active student participation throughout the education process.

Proven successful over the years, the structured and traditional teaching methods, including the SABIS Point System® and inherent group work, focus on the mastery of the basics in English, mathematics, and a second world language. Teaching techniques include memorization and phonics in reading and drilling in basic mathematics, among others. These techniques build a strong foundation for accelerated learning, creative judgment, critical thinking, individual exploration, and ownership of one's education in upper grades.

Unlike one-to-one or individualized teaching, where each child is taught for a limited amount of time, the SABIS Point System® of teaching is an interactive approach that involves the whole class in the learning process. When in class, students learn actively. They do not simply listen to lengthy explanations or take dictated notes. Teachers in SABIS® Network schools list the concepts to be taught and introduce them one "point" at a time applying the cycle of Teach, Class Practice, Individual Practice, and Check. The teacher explains the point to the class, gives an example in which the point is used, and then assigns a written activity to check for individual student understanding. Group work is then used to complement the SABIS Point System® whereby students work in small groups to check their work and provide additional support to their classmates. This time also gives the teacher the opportunity to visually survey the learning in the room and assess the need for immediate reteaching. The teacher moves to the following point only when practically all students show in writing — and not just orally — that they have a firm grasp of the "point" taught.

Through this efficient teaching method, teachers ensure student mastery of the SABIS® curriculum and of the essential skills and knowledge required for advancement.

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