Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SABIS Student Life Organization®?

SABIS® encourages student participation in every learning step. The SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) is a body of students appointed by the school administration who oversee the various functions of SLO®, which include the Academic Department, Discipline Department, and Social Responsibility Department, among others. The SABIS Student Life Organization® encourages team participation and accountability, enhancing students' management skills and sense of leadership.

What does the SABIS Point System® stand for?

The SABIS Point System® is a teaching methodology used in classroom instruction. By applying it, teachers insure that students understand the objectives of the lesson and can focus on these objectives. It also allows teachers to check the students' work and make sure that each point is grasped before proceeding to the next point/lesson.

DO SABIS® NETwork schools enroll students year-round?

Yes, enrollment in a school in the SABIS® Network is possible at any time throughout the academic year. To learn more about the enrollment process, visit the website of the SABIS® Network school you are interested in applying to or contact them directly.

How can i find out if there is a sabis® network school near me?

The global SABIS® Network operates schools in 16 countries on four continents.  To see if a SABIS® Network school is near you, visit  SABIS® Americas and Europe or SABIS® Middle East, Africa, Asia

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