Campus Facilities

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Campus Facilities

Managing safe and clean schools that can provide high-quality services to students and parents is a goal of SABIS®. Each campus in the SABIS® Network tries to achieve this goal with its focus on functionality, durability, and safety. Most of the campuses of SABIS® Network schools feature modern classrooms, laboratories for the sciences and IT, a library, and many other amenities that cater to the extracurricular activities program, such as car tracks and swimming pools.

SABIS® has been working for over a century with architects for the planning, design, and implementation of the network's school campuses worldwide. In fact, SABIS® strives to implement its own standards in the construction of new school campuses or in the redesign and renovation of existing facilities. These time-tested, functional standards take into consideration the needs of students, teachers, and the SABIS® Educational System™. They target optimal operational efficiency, emphasize durability and safety, and maximize the return on investment.

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