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SABIS® & Parents

Parents are encouraged to discuss the school’s learning and behavior expectations with their children at the start of each school year. These expectations, along with an overview of the school’s approach to education, are included in the school’s Student-Parent Handbook, which is distributed to every family upon their enrollment in the school. Parents can offer additional support by encouraging their children below Grade 4 to read every night, review vocabulary, or revise mental math. Parents can also help by providing children with a designated place to study at home and helping children develop a regular study routine. As children advance into the upper primary and secondary school, this support and guidance becomes even more important. Additionally, parents can get involved by encouraging their child/ren to participate in the school events and extra-curricular activities. Encouragement from home can help shy or reluctant students to take advantage of all that the school has to offer, especially through the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®).

To help further facilitate communication between parents and the school, the school administration in every SABIS® Network school provides parents with a user ID and password to access SABIS® WebSchool, a password-protected website. The site, which shows individual students’ academic performance, attendance and behavior records, and tracks SLO® contributions, where applicable, can be accessed any time by parents. Some parents choose to access WebSchool daily, while others access it less frequently, depending on the age of their child and the level of involvement they seek in following their child’s day-to-day educational experience. Several parents use the information they see on WebSchool to engage their child/ren in a dialogue about their performance and general school experience. Throughout the academic year, the WebSchool site also serves to update parents on school news and events as well as opportunities for parents to participate in events such as student-parent sports tournaments or assist with preparation for concerts.

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