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“We are glad to share with you the exciting news that Fatima got accepted into one of the best universities in Toronto (i.e., Ryerson University). Her major is Aerospace Engineering that is one of the most competitive engineering fields here.  Fatima spent 12 years of her studies at the International School of Choueifat - Lahore. At the moment, she is completing her first semester at Ryerson and her comments are:

“Studying at the Ryerson engineering program is a lot easier for me as compared to other students because I have already studied many science concepts in my Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics classes at Choueifat.”

So, thanks a lot for providing our daughter with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s competitive academic and professional world. We are so satisfied that we made the right decision of choosing Choueifat for Fatima’s education.”

-- Aysha & Rizwan Wali, parents of ISC-Lahore graduate

"I am happy to say that my alma mater, ISC-Erbil, has played a crucial role in my acceptance at the University of Texas A & M and as a Kurdistan Merit Scholar. Marathon Oil, a well known American oil company, is sponsoring my studies at Texas A&M as a petroleum engineer. I was selected amongst many other Iraqi students through an interview and an entrance exam, where I scored a full mark on the math exam. I owe it to the tough math curriculum SABIS puts us through as it made my math entrance exam feel effortless."

-- Ahmad Khoshnaw, 2013 Graduate of ISC-Erbil (Ahmad received a full, 4-year scholarship at Texas A&M. He was also awarded a contract to work for Marathon Oil as a petroleum engineer upon completion of his studies.)

"SABIS® helped my family to come back to our country. I have tried other schools for my children but they were not happy. My younger son said, “When I was at a different school, I used to come home with an empty brain and empty heart, but now at ISC-Erbil I am coming home happier and smarter every day.”
-- Rezan Bebany

“[My child is] in the hands of nurturing teachers & staff members, where learning is taken to a standard of excellence is my child’s world. The world of SABIS® !”
-- Cherine Nawfal, parent of student at SIS-Adma

"I, would like to extend my appreciation to the wonderful and supportive team that is working on and teaching our children at SABIS®. The school provides top quality education to build a better future for our precious children by encouraging them to become better people.

I really count on SABIS® to help me as a mother to raise my children by fortifying their values and revealing their own personality as well as developing their skills and teaching them to be cooperative and working as a team."
-- Aphrodite Nakad, parent of children at SIS-Adma

"SIS-Adma introduced me to a standard of academics I never thought would be possible to undertake. The Student Life Organization® gave me freedom to do my own projects on my own time and the experience of genuine leadership. I feel privileged to attend such a school."
-- Georges Chedid, student at SIS-Adma

"It is to my utmost regret that I inform the school that my children will be continuing at Choueifat until the end of first term only. It completely breaks my heart to remove them from the school. I appreciate your Choueifat curriculum to no end and it is my firm belief that had my children continued in your remarkably polished system, they would have reached the stars for sure."
Shama Khan, ISC-City of 6 October Parent

"I congratulate the efforts of ISC-Lahore in continuing to improve and enhance the support and assistance provided to both students and their parents with respect to the university admissions process. Specifically, I would like to give credit to the school's staff for its professional approach, support and efficient handling of my son's university applications. ISC-Lahore has done a marvelous job keeping the integrity, modesty and work ethics of the school intact."
Mrs. Khan, ISC-Lahore Parent

"I want to express my appreciation for all ISC-Cairo has done. For the first time, I feel that my child really likes going to school. He wakes up early and now fulfills his promise to his teacher by attending the morning assembly line and completing all assigned homework. I am really happy and I cannot believe that with a bit of encouragement he would change. Thank you all for your cooperation and for taking the time to listen and find a solution. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best."
ISC-Cairo Parent

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