Starting a SABIS® Charter School

Charter School

Starting a SABIS® Charter School

Individuals who are interested in bringing a SABIS® Network charter school to their area should first consider that the opening, operation, and supervision of charter schools are governed by state law. Forty-three states have signed legislation that allows charter schools to operate. (The seven states that do not have charter school laws are Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia.)  Nationwide, nearly 6,000 charter schools teach more than 2.7 million students.

Opening a charter school can be a complex process, yet given the right resources and information, the process can be simplified. Anyone interested in starting a charter school can learn more about a state's charter school law and charter application guidelines by visiting the Department of Education website for the state in question. Here, it is possible to find general and comparative information about charter schools.

Those interested in bringing the high quality of a SABIS® Network charter school to their area should contact us at: membership@sabis.net

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